10 Most important things that every songwriter needs to know

As a new song writer you may be overwhelmed by all that it takes to move your career forward. Through patience, organized and methodical in your daily work as a songwriter, you’re assured to make fast progress in your career. If you follow the tips below, the results may not take effect immediately, but after short while you will be surprised at how much you have achieved.

1. Start or Join A Songwriting Group

Writing is emotionally exhausting and difficult for most of us to do it in a vacuum. If you join a songwriting group and you are asked to bring a new song or rewrite old songs every week, you will have an additional incentive in being accountable to your team. You can reach out to other writers to start up a group. By doing the work every day you will find out that your songwriting passion grows stronger than you could ever imagine.

2. Keep in mind that your family is not your audience

People either love or hate everything you have written. Your friends will most likely give you positive feedback about your songs. If you really want to know your audience play your records for people who’s opinion you respect because of their work.  Remember to listen but, to also keep in mind everyone has an opinion.  Learn the mechanics from people who’s work you respect but, keep your own style and flavor.


3. Don’t worry a lot about your mistakes

If you play or sing a wrong note, just keep going. Every wrong note can be turned into a opportunity if it is used right. Some of the people on American idol gained fame and careers only because their actual performance was absolutely horrible.  However, I am assuming that no one here wants to be a singing act that is purely for comedy so the idea is to practice and get better.  Not dwell on any one mistake.


4. Respond quickly to every opportunity

Make every email or voicemail from someone concerning your music great priority. A casual contact can turn to be a something relevant and productive. Don’t underrate any opportunity Act professionally and be quick in responding to anyone who reaches out about your music. Be cautious not to miss something great it may look insignificant at first glance.


5. Listen to your haters

Not because of their expertise, but because sometimes they can help you to see places you can improve.  Of course, this requires that you have thick skin.  If you can’t take criticism then, this is the wrong business for you.  Remember, the largest celebrity or songwriter you can think of has had more people not buy or support their art than they have supporters.  Even Michael Jackson did not sell 8 billion albums.  That means a lot of people did not buy them.


6. Take Action

Read whatever you don’t already know.  If you say you know it,  does your discography prove it?  Does your resume prove it? If not, learn it, Then take action.


7. Listen as much as you can

Your writing is your interpretation.  Ask yourself these two questions.  What are you interpreting? Who are you interpreting it for?


8. Find your niche

It is important to define your audience. Remember your niche is where your expertise or experience meets your audience.  Without knowing your audience its impossible to define a niche.


9. Don’t Wait

Work!  No excuses!  How many songs are finished?  Not started, Finished!  What is the system or strategy for getting them from idea to finished?  Get the work done!

10. Pitch a song a week

You have to search for outlets for your music. There are organizations that can help in connecting/linking songwriters with industry artists looking for songs. Connect on social media with collaborators that have more fans than you.  Look for contest.  Look for companies.  Get out of your mind, put your insecurities away, and let your music be heard.

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